Sunday, April 12, 2009

Most Anticipated Album; RESULTS!!

The poll of 100 days is ended, with a total of 1222 unique votes. Here you can re-read the question with the info of that album and artist. I admit it wasn't the best poll, but whatever. The album that the people most want is Blaq Poet "The Best That Never Did It". Here you have the complete results:
  1. Blaq Poet - The Best That Never Did It (442, 36%)
  2. NYGz - Pros N Cons (340, 27%)
  3. Nick Javas - Destination Unkown (223, 18%)
  4. Teflon - Contraband (148, 12%)
  5. F.A.B.I.D. - Smash City (26, 2%)
  6. Boy Big - [Untitled] (13, 1%)
  7. Rave Roulette - [Untitled] (9, 0.7%)
I want to thank everybody for their vote! The NYGz album is in the making, has already a couple of recordings. When we can expect Poets fully Premo produced album is not known, but I do know that Preems solo album is earlier on the program of Year Round Records.