Friday, July 24, 2009

Which Gang Starr Foundation member should return; RESULTS!!

I know, it wasn't a that good poll. You basically knew the number one result without the votes, but I was interested in the number two and three actually. We had tremendous number of votes and that made the follow rank:
  1. Jeru the Damaja (942, 57%)
  2. Group Home (262; 15%)
  3. Afu-Ra (203, 12%)
  4. Bahamadia (155, 9%)
  5. Krumb Snatcha (81, 4%)
Total votes: 1643

Shall it even happen? A new Jeru-Premo collabo, it could be. Jeru is still the most active artist of the whole list. Still touring most of his time with The Beatnuts and Lords of the Underground, they should ran in each other by now. Let just hope one day.. My vote went to Bahamadia, I loved her so much! Where the fuck is she besides participating on Japanese produced records? I truly miss her... For Afu-Ra we got better news I think, he shouted Premo recently for his new album which still isn't released. And Krumb Snatcha had a new album some months ago without Premo, it didn't looked like a succes to me. Lets just hope for the better for everybody, only time will tell! Meanwhile you can vote for the new poll, looking for the average age that visits this blog...