Wednesday, November 25, 2009

DJ Premier produced a track on M.A.S.K.'s debut album

I knew DJ Premier was making a track with Money B (from Digital Underground), but I didn't knew the details. Money B has started a new group with Scott Knoxx called M.A.S.K., the track was recorded earlier this summer and is featuring Rhymefest. The track named "Make The Sound" that should be released next month will be the second single for their debut album. Their first single "Is U Down" - produced by Phonkey Dee and featured Ne-Yo - is already out on the net. Do we have a new track for 2009? We'll see...

And the Slovakian MC Rytmus his new album "Kral" with a track produced by DJ Premier will hit the stores the 30th of November, be on the look out for track 15 "Jediný" (English: The Only) on the album.