Sunday, November 1, 2009

What is your Age, Homie?; Results

I always wondered what the age of my visitors was, it's a very useful number because then you could see whether older DJ Premier fans got their way to the internet or not. And I'm a happy human been with the results. I can proudly type that 68% of my visitors is older than me, now you know a little bit more about me you haters. The quote that age is just a number is onces proved. Second, I would like to thank everybody for their vote. The poll got a number of 1960 fucking votes, that's wassup!! And to show my Excel skills I've made a graphic of the results:

<16y, 75
16-20y, 519
21-25y, 588
26-30y, 348
31-35y, 280
>35y, 150

I wonder who is the oldest visitor? Or the youngest?