Sunday, March 7, 2010

Solar Puts Guru's Nephew on Black List at Hospital

In a new public letter from Year Round Records label manager Biggest Gord stated that Guru's nephew can't visit his uncle due to a black list. Gang Starr Foundation members who's supporting Guru's family through this drama picked up his nephew Justin at the airport in New York to take him to the hospital to visit his uncle Guru. Biggest Gord writes as follow:

"We approached the information desk in the main lobby of the hospital. We were asked “how can i help you gentlemen” by the intake woman at the front desk. Justin replied: ”i’m here to visit my uncle keith elam”. The rather nice but professional older woman who asked the first question raised her eyebrow and responded: ”lemme check the list”. Her first response after checking the first list was ”well your name is not on this list let me check the other list”. She then continued: ”oh ok, your name is on this list, i’m sorry i cannot allow you to go see the patient”. Yeah let that marinate. It seems like there were two lists, one list (the first list she looked at) had the names of people allowed to visit (the patient). The other list (the second list she checked) had the names of people who were not allowed to visit (the patient)".

Justin Nicholas Elam-Ruff apparently was on the second list that Solar had given to the hospital. Biggest Gord included with the letter that we need to keep praying for Guru and that Gang Starr will never be over. He assured us that he'll keep us updated with information from his side and I would like to thank him for that. Rumor says that Superproducer Solar will be on a New York based radio show on monday morning. The Militia should enter that building in my point of view.