Saturday, November 29, 2008

First post

First of all: welcome to this blog that's dedicated to DJ Premier. I'm just starting this blog because I have too much time left and Don-Rif hasn't (big shout out to Don-Rif for starting this blog shit!). I'll try to inform you on everything DJ Premier does. I know there is another blog that is dedicated to DJ Premier from a guy from London but he also doesn't update too often, mostly when preem send him stuff to write about... But don't worry, he is also here on this blog with us. I hope you people are open minded and show some luvvvv.

This blog works close with his forum (, so time by time you will see posts that are also on the forum where we talk shit all the time (shout out to crackdaddy!).

Mmm that Toblerone is fuckin' delicious, everybody should buy it!!!! It's too strong!!!

Ok, now lets start with the serious work... Ohh, and please support DJ Premier! But don't worry, I'll post ads to his work when I feel to it. Also big shout to my man FubiZz for makin' that picture in his creative houres of the day!