Saturday, November 29, 2008

Lord Finesse - Keep The Crowd Listening (DJ Premier Remix) VLS

Finally, we got a vinyl single for the remix that was leaked since 2006! The remix was originally made for a remix project, Lord Finesse and others where going to remix the legendary "The Funky Technician" LP. Don't get me wrong, the remix project still excists, but is only delayed for 4 years. It's sheduled for 2010 when they can celebrate the 20 year anniversary!

The other problem is, the single isn't really a commercial release. It will only be pressed 200 times and you can only buy it when you buy two copies of Lord Finesse - Rare Selections EP Vol. 3 (that is pressed 300 times). Another problem is one copy cost about $80... They say it's for the real diggers, I say it's for the rich bastards...

Well, the single will be in my hands some day :) You can count on that! It also contains a Large Pro remix!