Friday, December 12, 2008

Lord Finesse & DJ Mike Smooth - I Keep The Crowd Listening (DJ Premier Remix)

BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM, look what I found in my mail today people!! The limited edition promo 12inch of Lord Finesse Remix Album!! Another DJ Premier Blog exclusive!! YES!! It has costs me $180 to get the vinyl so y'all better be happy!!

I loved this remix since it was played once on the radio, but daaaaamn people!!!!!!

But to come back on the money issue, I still think it's not a fair price tough (like I said in a previous post). Premo fans should get to his music for a fair price, really, somebody can tell me what made this single so much money? The remix album was coming out in 2005/2006, we didn't see nothing. Now is the remix album is planned for 2010 and for those who has the money can buy the first tracks... Straight bullshit, maybe I missed the point of this whole limited thing or something? I bet they will say "Be happy they pressed it". But hell I accept it because I'm like you people, have to have everything of the best!! Can you believe I bought two LP's just to get that 12inch??!!

(Click on picture for better quality...)

Also I took this picture to show how great I am, nah nah lol, it's to prove I'm not a mp3 collector like some people accused me from. And also show that I support Preem to the fullest and I can post things legal here for personal use. I really believe most of the visitors are those persons also.

AND I'm not going to post the other tracks, even they are a crime to your ears. This is a DJ Premier Blog only and it's not my job to rip the other tracks (only for my Serato), it will only drive the other 199 owners mad...

So here it is, enjoy once again and try to delete it on your hard disc:

Lord Finesse & DJ Mike Smooth - I Keep The Crowd Listening (DJ Premier Remix) (Prod. by DJ Premier)
Attention (Ladies and gentlemen) We have Lord Finesse (Yeah, it's
him again. Why don't you get the place pumping, come on, say a
little something!)
Alright, let me kick this fly intro
Somethin that's smooth but quite simple
This is my type of groove, so don't make plans
I don't care if you hop skip or breakdance
Don't worry cause you'll get your chance yet
To get funky and kick the fly dancesteps
At a show I try to maintain discipline
I keep you moving, but also listenin'

Think I'm funky? I'll be funkier tomorrow
Yo, I'm one tough act to follow
Rip up mics when it's time to throw down
Make MC's say: I don't even wanna go now
All I need is a mic and a hype groove
Two dancers and my DJ Mike Smooth
To spin the wheels and make you shake your body
I kick a party like I know karate
Better yet like I was kickin a volleyball
I step on stage get raw, then I'm outty, y'all
Here we go now, so just stand back
I take a ho, a cheer, or a handclap
Get raw off the same drum while MC's remain dumb
Don't worry cause there's more where that came from
I'm not the type of brother to kick a small rap
Get swift and make a hit and think I'm all that
Cause I elevate, make the fellas break
I drink a 40, lay back, and just celebrate
Shoot and flip the rhymes because I'm swift and wise
Lord Finesse will keep the crowd hypnotized

I'm the Technician a.k.a. the rhyme arranger
Have old folks saying Who was that stranger?
It's Lord Finesse, so don't forget to tell em that
Pass me a mic and roll down the welcome mat
I don't front when it's time to kick a rhyme or two
I get raw and show the crowd what I could do
And steal a show before others have a chance to
By givin party people somethin funky to dance to
Kickin the lyrics and let the beat get them
Man, I sound groovy even on a weak system
I warm up the scene like a bottle of brandy
And if that fails, then I just go to Plan B
But once I start there's no need to slow down
As soon as I say One two, here we go now
Rhymes I say structure and analyze
Then say to myself downlow Goddamn, I'm fly
Rhymes'll stay when I'm gone like a fossile
I'm livin large, stupenous, collossal
Me and Mike Smooth, we're so magnificient
We keep the crowd movin, but also listenin'

Oh, last year there WAS also a Big L project planned... It was a project of Preem and Lord Finesse cauz the mom of Big L found a lot of tapes back with rhymes. Lord Finesse has those now and they were going to do something with it. Maybe we will see that in 2015 for $80...

Rewind that track now!!!