Monday, January 26, 2009

All Eyes On: Khaleel

If you ask one of my visitors who is Khaleel they will answer 'It's a cat that is signed to DJ Premier's label'. But who knows really Khaleel?! What's his personality, what are his legends, ... That's what I was trying to find out. So I went in contact with this young Texas living hip hop artist who is working on his debut album since last years summer. Please not that this is an oversea interview, so I did that best what I could do. You will definitely know him better, and at the end you want that album so bad haha. You can still vote on him, his debut album is titled "My MC Name Is...". Last year we didn't see much of him, but this year it will all change so watch. Starting you will see him in the "Ain't Nuttin' Changed" video of Blaq Poet (whenever that will be released lol, three weeks ago?) and ending with his debut album hopefully! Enjoy: