Friday, January 2, 2009

Most Anticipated Album; VOTE!!

New year, new vote. This vote will stay 100 days online and question you what the most anticipated album is for you that need to put out today. I only gave the name of the artists because the album names couldn't fit on the page. With every artists there comes an album behind that was mentioned by DJ Premier once or more. Every artist is signed to Year Round Records or connected with it and should have an album out with mostly Premo produced songs. The albums that are missing are the Nas collabo because offcourse most people want that but ain't going to happen because Nas was feeling "Nigger" needed to be released first. The "Amerikkkan Black Man" album by Bumpy Knuckles because the songs on that album by DJ Premier are mostly already leaked. And the real answer on the most anticipated album on Year Round Records is "A Man Of Few Words" no doubt, so that will be also excluded because Preem will only work on it when the time is right and the reason why he isn't talking about it anymore is because he want that journalists stop asking for it I think, so lets not push him with a pole lol. It will come out in 2011. Now for the people who don't know, lets get a little closer to the albums:

Rave Roulette "Untitled"
This is the most forgotten one. He is an artists from Brooklyn and one of NYGz homeboys. Also known as Rave, he is featured on NYGz pretape "Welcome To G-Dom" 6 times. He is currently unsigned and that's why an album of him in the early future is most unbelievable. Only one time I heard he was going to do an album and that was in 2003, since then nothing was mentioned again. The rumour is that he's in jail.

NYGz "Pros N Cons"
Ooow yeah, this is actually the first group on Year Round Records that had a full tape. Well, it was a pretape but still. With help from Traffic Entertainment Group they got lifted late 2007 and now getting ready for their real album. A fully lenght LP with songs on it nothing else produced then by DJ Premier! I know people are really waiting on this one, because DJ Premier is talking about it every 6 months I guess, it was going to be released in 2003/2004 but now it's set to release in 2009. I say late 2009/2010. The good news is we have already a leaked song of the album, called "Policy" and we also got some tracktitles and featured artists. They were even trying to get Rise Against Machine on it!

Khaleel "My MC Name Is..."
Yes, that's the title of the album some time ago. It could be changed by now, but their is a reason why we think the album could be released this year. He is actually released from prison some months ago and recorded tracks with DJ Premier! We first heard of him in 2004/2005 with a DJ Premier produced track that was called "You Can't Tell Me Shit", now the track title is "Hot Flames" and will be the first single of his upcoming debut album. Also on Year Round Records, he is unique because he's from Texas and DJ Premier is also from Texas like we all know. Also this LP will be fully produced by DJ Premier and is set to release this summer!

Nick Javas "Destination Unknown"
Another unique artist! He is the first white dude signed on Year Round Records. Till this day we didn't heard any solo track of him with DJ Premier, only a promo freestyle for LiveFromHQ. Went late in the game with DJ Premier. I think 2006. He is featured on one track of DJ Premier, but is named more then once. He also did studio sessions with DJ Premier for his debut album. Also this LP is set to release this year. Coming from New Jersey with style!

Boy Big "Untitled"
Just like Rave this album is only mentioned once in 2003 after he was featured on the Gang Starr LP "The Ownerz". Last we heard of him was in 2006 on the DJ Premier produced track "Proper Dosage" by F.A.B.I.D. So we heard him two times on Preem tracks. The rumour is that he is in prison. This is the only RnB album in the list. He is from Kansas City.

Teflon "Contraband"
Maaaaan, Teflon people, Teflon!! It's been so long time ago that we almost don't remember how nice he sounded on a DJ Premier banger! First solo appearance with DJ Premier in 1999 with the 12inch single F-U, then 7 years later released another single with DJ Premier named "Showtime" and in that same year three leaked songs for "Contraband". How does he managed not to release this album?! Don't expect this to be dropped soon...

F.A.B.I.D. "Smash City"
Mike Rone and H. Stax are F.A.B.I.D. Released a single in 2006 and a mixtape with PF Cuttin'. After the single in 2006 they were getting ready to release their debut album that we never saw, knowing their are unreleased DJ Premier records on this world. H. Stax most known from his featuring on Gang Starr single "Same Team, No Games" is known for his hardcore rhymes that would make this group a succes. This is my vote!

Blaq Poet "The Best That Never Dun It"
Blaq Poet... my favourite artist on Year Round Records, one of the best in Hip Hop today! Killed many people in his rhymes before and just like NYGz getting ready now to release his first pretape called "Tha Blaqprint" that will be released 75% sure in february 2009! But when his first real solo album will drop isn't known yet. They speak of the album since 2006 when the pretape "Rewind: Deja Screw" was released, back then the pretape for "The Best That Never Dun It". So you know they like to drop pretapes, don't bother me, as long they drop beats, not bombs (haha Dann). Blaq Poet counts now 7 leaked songs that didn't been released yet, but in a week the first single for his pretape will be released. Expect this album in 2010 maybe.

Enough writing! Sorry if I say it again, but the reason I really do this is because of the positve comments I get of you guys. It really gives me energy to write things down. And some people should know I'm from Belgium where people speak Dutch, so sorry for the spelling mistakes. As long as you understand the message it's good, if not, go outside and play. I know this isn't the best vote, if you can choose between Rave Roulette that isn't known at all or Blaq Poet that just rips a premo track one month ago so any requests for a better vote are ok. Big up to Year Round Records, Gordon Franklin and DJ Premier. Thanks for voting!