Monday, January 12, 2009

Some more Facts of Peter Rosenberg's Interview

Here are some more facts of the big interview Peter Rosenberg did with DJ Premier, the full video will come out very soon...:
  • His appetite for vinyl as a kid was so strong he used to steal records from his church; elders there referred to him as “the Martin boy” and “Chrissy Poo” (his real name is Chris Martin).
  • In the early ’90s, he and Guru from Gang Starr lived in a house on my current block in Clinton Hill in a bizarre living arrangement with saxophonist Branford Marsalis and his wife and kids.
  • He is a veritable encyclopedia of pornography and once produced a record for Heather Hunter.
  • After moving to New York in the late ’80s, he worked as a counselor at Young People’s Day Camp: “We used to go to work at 12, drunk off Ballantines—and take care of kids.” It’s OK, though: He’s run into five of his former charges and they are all now successful businessmen.
  • In an unreleased, original version of his Premier-produced hip-hop industry cautionary tale “Outta Here,” KRS-One actually called out the names of old-school rap legends he believed had “fallen off.”
  • He initially rebuffed efforts by the Notorious B.I.G., his neighbor in Clinton Hill at the time, to get him to produce a track on Ready to Die due to financial reasons before giving in and producing the classic “Unbelievable” on the cheap.