Monday, February 23, 2009

Blaq Poet - Rap Addiction

NEW PREMO FIRE YES SIR, first of all: I listen to LiveFromHQ now for two months without any new joints, I couldn't listen for one time and BAM, new DJ Premier song. Second, I get almost fifty mails of people who want to hear the joint as quick as possible, didn't knew this blog was that famous! Even have a couple aggressive mails too looool. But like I promised, I have it!

And what can I say, the song is fire. The sample is hardcore as usual with three hardcore rappers: Blaq Poet, Lil' Fame and Shabeeno (of NYGz). Hip Hop will have his eyes open when "Tha Blaqprint" drops, that's for sure now. Enjoy, DJPremierBlog, how we always do it I guess, shout out to DJ Premier:

Blaq Poet - Rap Addiction (Featuring Shabeeno & Lil' Fame) (Prod. by DJ Premier)