Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Why Gang Starr Reunion Will Never Happen

...because Guru is smokin' something wack? I know this blog gets a lot of visitors so I need to keep it objective, but fuck that for now. I'm going to tell you my opinion about this situation (as a fan like thousands of you), so if you don't like it go (to a place where your shit rest). DJ Premier didn't had any contact with Guru since The Ownerz tour ended in Australia, he had some mails and that's all. It was a fact Preem and Guru had a lot of fights, even personal fights like Guru's drinking issue and stuff like that but that is what real friends make (fo sho), they were about to first split in '97 because of the fights and Guru who had to go to court that time, but Gordon told Premo what the deal was and he sticked with Guru and made "Moment of Truth". Offcourse they sticked together, that is real friendship...

We still don't know what happened between Premier and Guru, but whatever happend, it doesn't make any difference people. Hell with that, I don't even want to know what happened. Real friends always come together again, no matter what happened. They were like more then 10 years friends. That's how I experience life, so that could maybe be the first reason: no real friendship? Nah son, forget that... I'm tripping.

Now we got a lot of people asking Gang Starr this, Gang Starr that to Premier. Stop that, don't drive his head crazy, we already know his answer: "I'm ready when he is, bla bla bla". Don't question me, I ain't dissin' Premo. Love this positive attitude towards Guru who is acting the king of hip hop. Obviously Premier is the bigger guy here (and I'm mostly riding his dig), but he needs to step his game up. I understand he doesn't have a lot of time, but if he really want a new Gang Starr album (same as Guru back as friend) he needs to say "Fuck this, I'm going to his home and we will smoke a big fat peace blunt and bring up memories". This could be the second reason why Gang Starr will never be again, Premo is too lazy? Nah son, forget that... I'm tripping.

But now we have Guru saying only he is Gang Starr:
So why don’t we do this, why don’t we just skip that discussion and I’ll just say I am Gang Starr,” he replied when asked to address the elephant in the room. Gang Starr is me. And it comes out in whatever I do, to the fullest. 7 Grand is the future. Guru and Solar are those intelligent, creative leaders that Hip Hop needs right now, and will be needing… It’s your favorite rapper, the legendary, combined with NYC’s brightest producer. That’s what it’s about. [...] We are ‘The Ownerz.’ Solar and I are real owners. Instead of a concept, this is real.”
This could be the biggest problem of them all, I wonder how Premo feels now. I'm not expecting him to cry in a dark room, but I guess you don't like to hear this when you worked your ass of for more then a decade for the true thing you love. And what the fuck is wrong with Guru, he needs some medication, ok, you are the king, go spread that. But we all know the source of this reckless behaviour, yes, here is his part: Superproducer Solar. First of all: C'mon son, did you serious say "I produced maybe four underground records and I'm working with Guru now, that means... I AM A SUPERPRODUCER". The fact that you call yourself a superproducer is like Vanilla Ice saying he is the best rapper ever, point zero. But I guess he is cleaver, think about the groupies who are going to say "I'm going to the superproducer". Not to mention how funny it's watching Guru's interviews where superproducer Solar is interrupting him all the time to say everything better. This could be the third reason, Superproducer Solar is Guru's father? Nah son, forget this... I'm tripping.

But hey, now it's sounds like I'm dissing everybody especially Superproducer Solar? Yes, you are right as matter of fact I am. But that was after I thought there could be a middle way for this "DJ Premier wants Gang Starr, but Guru wants only Superproducer Solar" situation. I really didn't saw the problem of Guru with DJ Premier making records and Guru making records with Superproducer Solar. Why don't do the both? DJ Premier produced for Jazzmatazz before and Superproducer Solar has some dope productions, no question. But the reason I bought a Jazzmatazz album was for the difference, the difference artists on it and the difference productions. Would it be so crazy to have one Premo record on that album? Oelalala, what's wrong? Scared of his production skills? Scared of how dope that scratch sound? No man, now I'm hating on 7Grand again (sorry). That's not what I meant, I was trying to think about a solution but maybe it's better Gang Starr won't happen again, if you do a reunion just for the fans then you have to quit immedialty... You can't continue your legacy with a fucked up vibe. Now you heard my version of why a Gang Starr Reunion will never happen, excuse myself...

This is one of the rare times I post my own opinions, but I felt I needed to speak up for this one time and shut up forever you know. Don't expect more of this, I'm not really an eThug... If you are Guru or DJ Premier and you feel like, I would say maybe like this, I don't know... Could be: "Man, who does he think he is? My shadow?" then you need to contact me. Like I said, we are going to quit this now. Sorry Guru, I won't go to your show in Ostend. Yes Premo, I'll go to your show in Ghent end of this month. Oh, Premo, don't forget to leak that Teflon track on LiveFromHQ, you forgot to give it to DJ Eclipse last week. Peace! And if you are wondering what I eat, still toblerone all day every day. And one day, Gang Starr will be together again...