Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Guru: "There is a black president"

Last week TROY Blog did an interview with Guru and Superproducer Solar, there is now a discussion again about Gang Starr on TROY Blog. As we know Guru in 2009 he always get mad when people ask him about Gang Starr and DJ Premier, or is it Superproducer Solar who gets mad? Premo always said he's ready for a new Gang Starr album, but Guru isn't obviously. Even Guru's loyal fans are questioning him now with his recently made auto tune track, it seems like he is destroying his legacy. But I bet he won't make a second one now Jay-Z made a hate track towards auto tune?

Now when TROY Blog asked him if there is a change he would work with DJ Premier again he answered mysteriously "We have a black president". I still think Preem and Guru just need to call each other and talk everything out, life is sometimes that simple...

Here you can hear the full interview. Big shout to them, love their blog!!