Friday, July 3, 2009

DJ Premier Blog Extended

Like every other successful site/blogs does is creating accounts on various community's with a member list of more then a million people. I did the same thing, the only thing is I didn't post it up yet on this blog. I don't know, I remember Twitter when only a few people knew it thanks to Barack Obama. Since the start of this blog I made a account on Twitter when only Nahright and 2DopeBoyz had one lol. So for maybe a couple of you people it's handy to follow me on different sites. I'm not on myspace though, I get a headache when I'm on that site!

I run the group DJ Premier = Best Producer in Hip Hop Ever together with Magdi, Facebook is one of the site I'm rarely on, but Magdi created the first group for DJ Premier over there and it has now more then 7400 members!
The site I used to be on all the time, the group is created in 2006, so before it blew up. It has now more then 1100 people!

Lol at twitter, it's stupid to share everything what you're doing. But it's handy to install the twitterfeed so everybody see when something new on your blog. The account has more then 4600 followers.

A netwerk site made for The Netherlands community, bigger then facebook in her own country!


I'm wondering when is coming...