Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Royce Da 5'9" - Hood Love (Feat. Bun B) (Mixtape)

Some shitty DJ has released this DJ Premier produced track which isn't finished yet just to get a rep, made lame. The track itself is too crazy, it could be one of Premo's hottest tracks this year... Only too bad it's getting leaked that way, just don't support that shit. Wiggers are everywere, this DJ should just stayed at kiddy rap... What is the fucking point of yelling 'Southern Smoke' all the time, you think we're deaf or something? Is it a swag? What about Eastern Smoke, is that more dangerous? I specially hate it when their mixtape covers are so photoshop money bitches bling bling insanity, that isn't the way to get money, stay real. I know what I want, that is some Dutch smoke.

It's labeled as a Bun B track on the track list, but I think it's a new track from Royce Da 5'9" upcoming album "Street Hop"? We don't know if Bun B is making a new album, but we do know Royce have a couple of more tracks with Preem that aren't released yet! As I said before, lets wait for a proper release by a legit man!