Monday, October 19, 2009

Cormega's "Born And Raised"

I rarely buy things that are in the shop, because -for those who don't know- I'm a collector of things that aren't in the common shop. But this one is different, got the album today in my mailbox and didn't regret one bit of it. How could I? It's Cormega with his own indie label and father of a young daughter. How can you not support that shit? He deserve every cent of it, in my opinion is this one and Skyzoo's "Salvation" top of year 2009. When I read the inlay of the album I saw this interesting picture with the note of Cormega: "Premier, it was a dream come true to work with you. Thanks for the moment and the music". Hopefully we hear a dozen more Cormega DJ Premier joints hehe, and Cormega told us that the "Dirty Game (Remix)" is coming! Looking forward! Go cop that shit!! Peace.

Btw, wonderful answer on the Drake question by Cormega made me love this album even more!