Friday, November 27, 2009


Wassuuuuuup everybody. Damn, it's cold in Belgium right now. Time flies, and today is a huge milestone reached for DJ Premier Blog. We alive for one year now, and I have to be honest, the reason this blog is still online is because of the positive comments all around the world. Since august I'm thinking of quiting but y'all kept it online. So now I'm the one who is thanking you all.

To be clear, I'm not the first one who started a blog about DJ Premier. I was almost from the beginning active with the DJ Premier fans who united online, my 'inspiration' is actually Don-Rif from Morocco who started the first blog ever of DJ Premier, when youtube wasn't popular like this we could explore new productions via him, time flies haha. But the blog went on non-active for a long time now. I also can't forget the first DJ Premier Forum started by Moe from Germany, big up to him. People like Supreemo, Wiktor, FubiZz, crackdaddy, Billyskam, BiggieSmalls, notyouraverage, Johansword, V!z, O-LEe88, and so on were the reason I started to get into Premo. Eventually, a big thank you to the underground (for some people illegal) world who collect, trade and share with the real heads who dig their way into the ground, you know what groups I mean haha.

But the reason I started this blog was simple, I knew I could top everybody with my knowledge of the man himself on internet (yeaaaah). And I knew what internet was capable of, but now it's clear for me. Look at NahRight... Where they at now... Internet is way too funny haha. Why don't you try to do something? You can not reach everything, but you can have eFame that almost make contact with you in real world. Thanks to this blog I have contacts with so many people that it's not even funny anymore. You know...

Next point, that Twitter thing... It's special man, first I wasn't into it, and I'm still not fucking with saying you go to the toilet and all that but I'll say this once: I'm not DJ Premier. Simple, I'm not DJ Premier... When you go to my twitter you can read that, and when you go to this blog you can't look over it. So people are really dumb, do I say Raekwon is dumb? Maybe haha, but I always forward them friendly to the manager of DJ Premier. And then they always thank me for the blog so that's dope. Browse to my followers if you want to know who.

So what will the future give this blog? As you can see, or don't, there are no (profit) adds on the site. That was actually my second thought when I started this blog. I don't want to make profit out of this shit. And don't want to bother the costumers with shitty adds. So yes, this whole year I didn't spend nor won a penny... But basic ideas like domain, server, template, ... costs money. So I was thinking of earning donates, but really, who is going going to donate here? I know a lot of sites who failed with that idea. So what could I do next? Taking a sponsor? I could do that... But as you can see I still didn't do that. But there's something coming, I don't know what exactly, but something is going to change. Something I learned from Premier is never rush it...

Did DJ Premier has more fans thanks to this blog? Judge yourself, I don't care... I hope so for his bank account.

I hate it when I read/type without (background) music, lets listen to some music:

Some people still asking if I ever had a real conversation with Premo? Nope, I never aimed to get in touch with DJ Premier. I'm no paparazzi, if Premo wants to talk to me he knowns my email. A lot of his friends reached out to me, including his manager so maybe I should really make some work to do my interview. To be honest I thought Premo would get in touch with me by now, it's not a large effort to say a cool word with a mail or something, but hey, I'm not going to hate him for that.

What can I say more? I don't know, lets take a trip to memory lane with posts that are meaning something to me:

DJ Premier & Ghetto Groovz Records
I love this post, it's a post that I written and that everybody should read who is down with the earlier Premier shit. This post give you the idea how it was when DJ Premier wasn't that famous. When vinyl was still sold out of car trunks, now most of them are in Europe changing from collector to collector for quit a price (and yes, I just missed my copy for 75EUR/)!

Lord Finesse & DJ Mike Smooth - I Keep The Crowd Listening (DJ Premier Remix)
Wooooord, I loved that remix since Johansword first ripped it on LiveFromHQ. I couldn't miss it, I still think it isn't correct to sell vinyl limited to give it a $75 stamp. That is plain wrong. It's taking profit of the real vinyl lovers. I paid $180 for it, but what a song!! Glad I could rip it for everybody!!

Here should be the sample of "Nas Is Like" that is found, thanks to a lot of peoples help I could clear it out for everybody. Big thank you, THE MYSTERY IS OVER. Sad I had to delete the story behind it. Crazy...

Why Gang Starr Reunion Will Never Happen
Haha, my personal input on the Gang Starr high school beef situation.

Michael Jackson Tribute Mix by DJ Premier
Daaaaamn, is it because DJ Premier was one of the first or one of the best? But this mix was downloaded more then 150 000 times when I last checked. Now that I wanted to look again the mix seems to be deleted (why that?). Ah well, enough people have it!! R.I.P. MJ.

DJ Premier Reacts On DJ AM Death
This post right here did blow up my visitors in the roof, it was even posted on, yes, DJ Premier on TMZ haha!! R.I.P. DJ AM.

The Other face of The Foundation; Lil Fame Reacts
That was something I took the leading in but didn't milk out. I'm glad for the kid, but it wasn't nice...

DJ Premier Blog TV is a Fact !!!
This post shows I'm still looking forward. Hopefully something great!!

And I can't forget those many mp3's I leaked with pleasure!!

One year DJ Premier Blog, and we go on... THANK YOU EVERYONE!!

For the people who want to know how well this blog did in one year with numbers, check it out here.

Oh yeah, and we going to celebrate the whole weekend!! Expect some Premo exclusives that I need to share with the world before it's too late!!!