Monday, November 23, 2009

DJ Premier Blog TV is a Fact !!!

After one week trying to set something up it's finally here, the DJ Premier Blog TV! Streaming 24/7 all the clips that are produced by DJ Premier in 20 years of career! Almost 70 videos! Of course you can wonder why you need that if you already heard and saw everything thanks to youtube (that didn't existed when I started to collect videos, and thank to having all the Yo! MTV Raps shows) , well, even I use it. 1) When you are on another computer without your music you can still stream DJ Premier, yeaaaah. 2) It's also very handy for newer guys who wanted to get into DJ Premier. First you had my trackology, now you have the television. And I want to do more... Like for Europe, I'm going to try to rebroadcast LiveFromHQ at our time (after massive requests)! It should take place every Wednesday at 8pm GMT+1, starting next week (when Premo is back home). I'm going to evaluate the streaming and see where I'm going at, because I have more rare DJ Premier clips and shows and that I want to share. Their is one downside, all this is free for my fans but you know nothing is free without restrictions. I can't have more then 50 visitors at one time, I'm trying to get it solved but I can't guarantee a thing. Their are also ideas too change a little here and there next year with this site, but nothing I do is with a rush so keep on chilling! Now let me hear what you think by simply clicking on the power button or going to the DJ Premier Blog TV page here: