Monday, March 15, 2010

Guru - Mr. Gangstarr (Produced by Superproducer Solar); DON'T TELL ME IT'S TRUE

NO NO NO!! Solar, why do you keep on making it worse and worse for yourself?? This is beyond any imagination, in the past days Solar is promoting -with his hired promoting company (who don't feel ashamed at all)- his own discography and uploading Gang Starr videos on 7Grand account, placing Gang Starr logo next to his head on Twitter and so on... But this goes beyond any comprehension, while Guru isn't awake (in coma or not, we don't know) he releases new track of Guru. I just don't get it, sorry people, I don't. The song is about Gang Starr, maybe another 'evidence' of Solar wanting to make a new Gang Starr album with Guru... What's going on??!!

Guru - Mr. Gangstarr (Produced by Superproducer Solar)

Solar is fucking up his legacy while he's in bed, pray for Guru! Meanwhile Solar is wondering why he gets attacked. Apparently he thinks Guru isn't that bad after a heartattack, surgery, coma like everybody thinks. SMH. The OG Bumpy Knuckles is back on an internet warpath too warn people before it's to late. I never understood what he's trying to achieve with this, what does he want us to do? Oh and side note, DJ Premier also worked with that sample lol.