Monday, March 22, 2010


Yes, I'm actually thinking of changing the blog into something bigger. I want it to become a website that integrates the forum, trackology and blog at once (with subdomains I guess, don't know much of sites). The blog will still be the index page of course. Now that I saved a bit for this fanblog about DJ Premier. I'm about to try to host this site on my own because I think it's more than worth it if you look at the popularity of this site. And I have a lot more of rare Premo stuff to post.

I'm actually very proud on this blog I've created with DJ Premier related material but it was never my intention to be so big lol. I mean, I just started this blog for the people on the forum but next thing you know NahRight picked it up and then the hip hop magazines and at one point even LOL. I guess you can say I'm a journalist which I also didn't want to become, but I had to... With so many visitors I can't just type what I feel like I did in the beginning, I had to be objective. I miss that, but I took my responsibility towards DJ Premier lol. But on the other hand, I had great mails from great artists and fans that gave me motivation when I needed it. Because to be honest, I've been thinking of quitting a couple of times now to be honest. So shout out to everybody that kept me motivated! Enough about me.

I'm going to change this blog to a WordPress theme and to keep this message short and simple: what WordPress theme you want to see in the future for this blog? Give me your advise of what is perfect for a DJ Premier page. Because I don't give a fuck how this blog looks but if you do I would like you to recommend me one so I can make my visitors happy.

And second, you got a good domain name for this blog? Tell me!! I was thinking of (to honor Don-RIF from Morocco) but if you got a better name, shoot!!

Thanks in advance!!