Friday, March 5, 2010

What in Gods Name is Really Going On With Guru??

I published my concerns about this earlier on Twitter , even Talib Kweli felt the same, Busta Rhymes felt the same. This is really getting scary. I really hope Guru is getting healthy but it doesn't looks that way to me. His nephew also put this in question. Superproducer Solar still loves to aim towards DJ Premier (and his people) when Guru is still recovering from a heart attack and coma?? "Guru has made clear he does not want anything to do with certain people from his past, and for them too be making false statements about his health is unacceptable"- Superproducer Solar. If you are in the hospital (with health problems) from early February and having a heart attack (still in the hospital) after one month... This scares me in particularly ... Besides the fact that Superproducer Solar is protecting Guru from everyone. It's clearly Solar has a different agenda.

And he still finds the time to let "Guru" aiming towards his old partner DJ Premier that supposedly give all the false information towards the hip hop community?? Don't forget that DJ Premier rejected to give public comment about the incident on sunday and that he still didn't gave a public comment by now... When Guru gets out that hospital he should really think about who is interested in his health and who's interested in getting himself famous.

IT EVEN SCARES ME MORE when you think about how long this shit could go on, did Guru really meant it that Premo never was a friend of him and that only he is Gang Starr?? Hmm.

"Guru" can tweet almost the exact same message in seconds when Superproducer Solar tweeting?? Guru can't even control his own Twitter account now?? And why did "Guru" released all his albums for free when he was in the hospital?? Why did "Guru" even tweeting promotion stuff at the time he was critical ill??

What in Gods Name is Really Going On With Guru??

Besides the Superproducer Solar getting out of his mess by using Guru's twitter we couldn't get no new updates on Guru's health (what in my point of view is still the most important). Sorry.