Tuesday, December 30, 2008

DJ Premier Blog One Month Old!!

Yes, I started this blog one month ago! Tryin' to reach the Preem fan and keep him up te date with a blog that is alive. This month I have send this blog probably one message a day if it isn't more but we all know that won't stay for ever. But I will still try though! First I wanted to know how DJ Premier felt about this blog, it's no fun to start a fan blog if the artist is pitty about it. But yesterday I got the answer, he was impressed. Well, a reason more to stay kicking! Second I wanted to know if this blog got visitors, well, believe me, it has. I'm happy I reached eventually more people then I tought, I reached this month 4915 unique people.

The peronal reason I started this blog (that I always wanted to do) is because it was learning vacation here in Belgium, but my technique is learn non stop one/two weeks before it exam and then you will have the same result. So I had much spare time! That was the same period 3 years ago when I put the DJ Premier Trackology online.

Here are some statics about this first month:(Click on the picture for better quality...)
(The second picture is more important for me)
(289 people average/day)

I would like to thank everybody who visit my site, may the lord bless your soul and don't worry, this site will be alive. And also special thanks to the people who gave me encourage and props. I don't forget that! And to Crackdaddy who still give me the free space on his domain! This year was a good Preem year, is it fair to say better then 2007? Don't know... But my opion is that Preem isn't felled of at all, every artist changed in a way and my ears still does it for him. Now lets go to 2009 and see what it takes, but I'm going to ask this one question to the lord: are we going to see Pros N Cons?