Monday, December 29, 2008

X-Mas Party in Houston

Out the other night with Styles and Premo. Incase you did’nt know, Premo is from Houston. So we all hang around the holidays. Just a quick bit of History……(i’ll try to keep this short and write the full details later) Dj Styles is some what responsible for Dj Premier being Dj Premier. The story goes like this. Carlos(Dj Styles) worked at a music store called Soundwaves in the 80’s . He got Premier a job there. Carlos sent Premier’s demo tape to Stu Fine at Wild Pitch around 88′. Stu Liked what he heard and told Carlos he wanted to bring Premier up to meet an mc from Boston that was on the label and that needed a dj. Now according to Carlos(Dj Styles), Premier really did’nt want to go but Carlos made it go down. Well we know now that mc was Guru and the rest is history.
Source: The Are